A view of the Days hike

The evening started out fine with a fine dinner of mash potatoes and chucks of chicken (I like to add some Mrs. Dash extra spicy on top).  My buddy Todd and I set up our tents and both crashed for the night as it was almost dark.




This was a welcome view in the morning after a rough night. 





About midnight I was in my tent reading on my Kindle reading a @jackreacher novel when I heard some god offal screams for Toddโ€™s tent.  I called out his name to ask if he is ok and he said NO!  I got out of my tent and asked what is wrong.  Apparently he mistaken is headlamp on/off button to his bear spray and he sprayed the inside of his tent with bear spray and it got in his eyes.


So for the next couple of hours I used a syringe (that I keep in my first aid kit) and rinsed his eyes with water.  I  never how hard it is to keep some ones eyes open.  Anyways by about 3:30 in the morning we were both back in our tents and decided to sleep in. 

So, the first image was taken late morning after some apple cinnamon oatmeal.


Technical Details

  • Nikon D90
  • 18 mm lens
  • f 160 sec
  • RAW





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