Learning to Use Gimp 2



Its certainly not perfect but it was fun to try and work with Photo software.  I can’t afford Photoshop even if I knew how to use it so I’ve did some research online and I’ve decided to try UFRaw to convert my RAW images to a format that Imaging software can use.  I downloaded Gimp 2 @GIMP_Official since a lot of people online are using it and YouTube has some tutorials on the “How To’s”.


This was my first attempt at using layering with an image.  I used the “Path” Tool in Gimp to mask the Tent. 


Running the software on my Surface Pro 4 is a bit challenging since the icons in Gimp won’t resize but the creators of the software are aware of this online so I’m hoping the next version with be updated but other than that it works great! 




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